to lead with excellence and humility, to learn with curiosity and enthusiasm, to build relationships with compassion and honesty 

By day, JeeIn is a consultant at a global business and technology consulting firm. By night, she is a career content creator with 100K+ followers across socials. JeeIn is passionate about people, growth, and intrapreneurship. One day she hopes to be leading a company from the C-Suite, advising & investing in cutting-edge start-ups, and traveling the world. JeeIn graduated Magna Cum Laude from Wheaton College (IL) with a Bachelor's degree in Business and Economics and calls Harvest Bible Chapel her home church. 

podcasts she listens to: Wall Street Breakfast, Robinhood Snacks Daily, HBR Women at Work, TED Talks Daily

some  things she values: minimalism, journaling, fast-walkers, words of affirmation, mentorship, hand-written letters

spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/user/zybr58fiu0mn2mp9wx4p3qskd?si=b686d6d4318e487b

conversations she's currently interested in: integration of Imago Dei in HR management, inclusive UX design, m-commerce

music she's listening to as she's editing this webpage: Isla Vista Worship - Soul Hymns

organizations she believes in: Compassion Int., Praxis Academy, Vocational Capital, First Round, Hope's In